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A True Family Breeder of Australian Labradoodles

At Ashleigh Place Australian Labradoodles, we are truly a family business. It all began when we brought Sydney Sue into our home in September of 2017.  After our entire family fell madly in love with her, we wanted to make sure she was always a part of our lives by breeding her to have babies. What started out as a passion project has become a dedicated commitment to providing only the healthiest, most lovable, hypoallergenic puppies.  We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our puppies. They are hand raised in our home in Bethesda, Maryland by our family  (and their mom of course!).

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Breeding Perfection


Smart, Gorgeous, Curious and Endlessly Affectionate

Sometimes first impressions are spot on. Sydney was an easy choice for our family the first time we met her at 8 weeks old because her confidence and spunk made her stand out from the rest of her litter.  She was curious and bold as she ran right up to us to say hello. She has remained an endearing combination of spunky, curious and affectionate ever since. She has been an ideal dog for our active, loving family. We also think she is gorgeous, with a perfect constitution and a beautiful, rich red color and adorable white chest and paw tips.


Spirited, Social, and Always Adventurous!

Brisbane (Brizzy) was born in our home in October 2022. She is confident and social! She must go say hi to every dog and person she meets on her walks and she loves going on car rides with the family. She has an adventurous spirit and she is happy to do anything so long as she is with her family. Brizzy is also incredibly smart and adept at figuring out how to get her way with her older mom and sister! Brizzy has a dark chocolate phantom coat and we can't wait to see what beautiful babies she has in the future.


Loyal, Serene, and Affectionately Mellow

Adelaide (Addie) was born in our home in October 2020. She is the most loyal and devoted best friend to her human sister, Ryleigh, and generally does not leave her side even at night. Luckily, she still loves to get attention and cuddles from her other family members. Addie is calm, mellow, and we often describe her as a sleepy housecat! She requires very little exercise but is always excited to go for a walk. Addie is incredibly sweet and affectionate, and we can't wait to see her become a wonderful mama dog.

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Upcoming Litters


Sydney x Vancouver Labradoodles' Fenway

The new puppies will arrive soon!
Puppies due first week of March 2024. This litter is full but the wait list is open in the event of a large litter. Please contact us for more information.  
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Ashleigh Place Australian Labradoodles

Addie is a medium (32 lbs) red and white parti who is loyal, low energy, smart and affectionate. She loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch with her people.



Spring Valley Labradoodles

Enzo is absolutely stunning with his black fur and tri-color markings (a phantom with white).  He is from our ever so beautiful Juniper and we could not be more happy with him.  He is a sweet, playful fellow that adores his family.

Australan Labradoodle


Sydney x Vancouver Labradoodles' Fenway

Puppies arrived July 22, 2021 and went to forever homes on September 17th! They were an amazing litter and are all thriving with their forever families.  See below for pictures.